to Laarva

Hi Larvaa,

When I asked you for a white logo in png I was thinking the Idea to make a mark in all photos we will use in our new blog. There´ll be many photos I want to mark like this example:

In right upper corner you can see logo on white.

This is what I was looking for.

Once I used your different logos I can´t get the quality of previous photo.

Then I tried green one… but the result wasn´t good…

Since then I´ve tried to modify by myself and test several options but coudn´t get what I want..


finally I got something better but I guess not enough, and not professional as your winner design deserves…


What I´m looking for is something similar last photo:

a 200 X 50 transparent white logo with “By CuentosyRecetas” to be used to mark all photos.

And I need quality & professionalism


I hope you can help me!!


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